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Group Classes
As our Academy Opens 7 days a week our Class Rates start from just £3.25 per class on our Unlimited Weekly Plans.


£6 Per Class single Class

£27.50 Per Week Unlimited Under 10s

£32.50 Per Week Unlimited Over 10s

(Excludes One on One Private Lessons)

Private Lessons
One on One Private Lessons are available Weekly or Monthly 


£15.00 Per One on One 30 Minutes

£30.00 Per One on One 60 Minutes
£15.00pp Shared Private Lesson (60)
(Maximum 2 Dancers)

Singing Lessons

£12.00 Per One on One 20 Minutes

£25.00 Per One on One 45 Minutes

Contact us now
for your free
first class today.

This applies to newcomers only

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